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I have devoted my practice exclusively to military related law. As you see below I am experienced in all facets of the military investigative, disciplinary and punitive process. Although I practice in an extremely broad area of military law I do not represent clients in trials by Court-Martial. Trying Courts-Martial is a very specialized area and one that needs constant practice to maintain proficiency. I can certainly refer you to competent lawyers who have specialized military trial practices if need be.

The nature of my practice requires a team approach to successfully resolving your problem. I need you to be actively engaged and will count on you to gather documents, provide me with names of witnesses and character references as well as contact information for commanders and enlisted supervisors. Time deadlines often will require a prompt response to my requests for documents and information. Although my background is in the Air Force I am familiar with and accept cases from all branches of the military. My office is located in Nampa, Idaho. The nature of my practice does not require a face to face meeting for most cases. I have Skype in my office and am happy to use it to discuss your case. Of course if your case requires a board or hearing presence I will travel for such matters.

Please contact my Idaho office firm to schedule your no-obligation telephone consultation. During this initial discussion, I will discuss with you your legal rights and the military laws, instructions and regulations that may apply to your case. If after gathering the facts and discussing your case it looks like there is no purpose in defending or responding I will tell you this. If there is help that I can reasonably provide to you we’ll discuss a strategy for attacking your case and the likelihood of various outcomes as well as an estimate for fees and costs.

Below I’ve listed some of the areas I practice in. I am always available to talk about any issue or subject you might have concerning military law. For example, since my retirement I have found many practitioners are unfamiliar or misinformed about subjects such as the division of military pension. This is especially true if you’re divorce is being heard in a jurisdiction without any significant military bases nearby. I can give you correct advice in this area as well as any other relating to your military service. The time to correct a record or fight a disciplinary action is as soon as possible after the action is taken. I look forward to helping you!

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