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Maybe you joined the military because you wanted to serve your country, or wanted to see the world or wanted to make use of the educational and training benefits. Regardless of the reasons for your service, the military expected and demanded a great deal from you. You have given up fundamental Constitutional freedoms, you have sacrificed at every turn, your spouse and family have endured hardships, and you likely have been deployed multiple times and stood in harm’s way. In return you had certain expectations from the military. You expected to be treated as an adult, to be treated with dignity and respect and, most importantly, to be treated fairly. You’re reading this because somewhere along the line there has been a breakdown in the disciplinary process and you feel you have been treated unfairly, discriminated against, or just plain wronged.

If you believe your military career has suffered because your chain of command failed to properly investigate and handle accusations against you, or listened to poor advice from their JAG, or harmed your career because they were doing what their superiors expected of them, there are remedies available to overturn their decisions That you can seek with the assistance of a military law lawyer.

As a retired JAG Colonel (0-6), I’ve worked both sides of these issues. I have approximately 5 ½ years of service as a Staff Judge Advocate, where I was in charge of my installation’s entire disciplinary program and 3 ½ years’ experience in the defense community as an Area Defense Counsel and as a Chief Circuit Defense Counsel. I’ve helped commanders prosecute disciplinary cases and advised them regarding every type of administrative, non-judicial, and judicial action in the UCMJ. I also helped officers and enlisted members defend themselves against the accusations and actions of their commanders. I understand the motivations of commanders when they take administrative or punitive actions, and I know how to best respond on behalf of my clients. I can help you! I’ll bring a wealth of personal, hands-on experience as a military law attorney to your case and throughout my long JAG career have developed the insights and techniques necessary to help you successfully fight the system that has wronged you.

Most importantly, I bring outstanding judgment to your case. Certain aspects of military law are complex and complicated. Judgment can only be acquired through extensive experience and knowing what has worked or not worked in the past with a case similar to yours. You’ve heard it said many times I’m sure, that there is no substitute for experience. Nowhere is that more true than in the practice of military law. The last thing you want is a well-intentioned but inexperienced young lawyer working on your case when it is the first case of that type he or she has seen. Experience and judgment combined with hard work and persistence is the absolute best thing your lawyer can bring to the fight.

Finally, while I respect the military discipline system, I recognize that commanders sometimes get it wrong and I am not the least bit hesitant to take on the system for the benefit of my clients. I truly believe that any injustice, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant, weakens the institution of the United States Military, in addition to doing serious damage to some young man or woman’s hopes and dreams for a military career. Whether it is direct discussion with your commanders, presenting a written response to an administrative action or representation at various Boards of Corrections, if I’m helping, you can be confident you have a highly knowledgeable retired JAG and military law lawyer who used to be part of the system, fighting for your rights.

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