Disenrollment Hearings and Recoupment Actions

The Service Academies and the ROTC program can be great ways to start a military career. The service academies are free and the ROTC program offers scholarships to third year students. But free is never free. If you slip up and are accused of misconduct in the ROTC program you can be subject to a disenrollment process. And, if you are a scholarship cadet you will surely face what’s called a recoupment action. This is where the service attempts to recover the value of the scholarship you were provided. This can be a very significant amount of money depending on the University you attend. The rules and procedures for disenrollment proceedings are not always clear and the ROTC detachment in question may never have done such a hearing before. These two facts alone should be all the reasons you need to seek experienced and aggressive representation. A clear injustice will result when confusing rules are applied by an inexperienced leadership element. I have experience in these types of proceedings and will ensure you are treated fairly.

Similarly, the Service Academies also have disenrollment proceedings. Again, just like the ROTC process, they have their own unique set of rules and processes. What makes a Service Academy disenrollment proceeding so critical is the significantly larger amount of money that is at stake when recoupment is sought. Another drawback for Service Academy graduates is the hefty recoupment when a graduate is administratively separated or is subject to one of the Reduction in Force (RIF) boards that are all too common today. Even a simple act like self- eliminating from pilot training for a legitimate reason can subject a Service Academy graduate to repayment of the cost of an academy education if the service does not retrain you into another career field. Unintended consequences do result from even the best intentioned actions. Let me help you if you find yourself in either of these situations. I have done this type of work both while in uniform and now while retired and I can certainly help you.

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