Promotion Propriety Actions

Have you received a bad officer or enlisted Performance Report? The rules about what can and cannot be put into a Performance Report are complex and not widely understood. If you have received a bad report or had a promotion put on hold or red lined, a strong response submitted within the time limits can spell the difference between a stalled career and a continued bright military future. Let’s face it, during the last 20 years or so we have been in a military drawdown. The motto is “doing more with less.” To compete for promotion or to even stay in the service, a strong and, most importantly an accurate performance report is needed. If you’re enlisted, your supervisor will likely write your ticket and present it to a superior for signature. Likewise a section commander or other subordinate officer will write an officer’s OPR and give it to the commander to sign. What happens many times is these reports are written by someone with very little experience writing reports. If you’ve been wronged or received a rating less than what you deserve, I can help.

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  • Red Line Promotion
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