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Mr. Domek,

Hope you're doing well. I left you a voicemail this morning because my POC at AFROTC/HQ let me know that they processed the appeal and the CC waived the recoupment of debt and upgraded my DD785 from a 5 to a 3.

Thanks again for your help in this process. Definitely a a great feeling to have been given partial relief and have ~$30k of debt waived.


That's great news. I thought that's what it meant, but didn't want to jump to any conclusions. Thank you so much for your help along the way.


Mr. Domek,

I cannot thank you enough for all of the work you put into our case for us! I am so happy about the outcome and that the right thing was finally done. I am currently with Army ROTC and have one more year left. This new record means a lot to me since I will now have a better chance at receiving a better class ranking. I know this also meant the world to Nash since being a pilot has been a childhood dream of his. Thank you for sticking with us and keeping positive throughout the past couple years of stress and worry.

Very Respectfully.

Mr Domek,

Apparently XXX has not been in touch with you lately. I wanted to let you know that his disenrollment process resulted in a decision to retain, and last weekend he received his Commission. He has some time off now, and is slated to begin pilot training in June of next year. Obviously we are all overjoyed at this, and I wanted to thank you for the role you played in obtaining this outcome.

Thank you again for all the help you have been to XXX and our family.


Many many thanks for the outstanding news regarding XXXX's NROTC disenrollment case, correcting her disenrollment status from "failure to maintain requisite academic standards" to a "medical disqualification". You never wavered on your positive attitude, support and encouragement during this long and difficult process. The outcome was truly worth the wait. XXX can now move forward with her personal and professional life, knowing her naval record is corrected and the educational debt has been waived. We are truly grateful to you.


Good Afternoon Tim,

This is XXXX. With absolute delight I tell you that I have retained my rank of Major. Thank you very much for your great brief.


Good Afternoon Mr. Domek,

I found out today that I was retained without prejudice within Air Force ROTC. My scholarship is reactivated and I'm good to go. This semester has been great so far and I plan to continue it now that I'm finally cleared. Of the 4 cadets investigated from Air Force in my case, 2 were disenrolled and 2 were retained.

I want to thank you for everything you did for me this summer. You made the process so much easier and really helped me build my case. I am so grateful for your help. My family and I are both very happy with the results. Thank you again for helping me get back on track in achieving my dream of becoming an Air Force officer.

Very Respectfully,

Successfully obtained a upgrade in discharge characterization from General to Honorable for an Army soldier who received NJP and a GOMOR for alleged misconduct with an Army recruit

Won the Disenrollment Investigation of an AF ROTC Cadet who faced disenrollment 2 weeks before his scheduled graduation and commissioning for allegedly riding a hover board in an unsafe manner.


Cadet XXXX and Mr. Domek,

We have received a decision to retain from HQ AFROTC. The purpose for tomorrow's meeting is to make the official notification and commission you. Mr. Domek is welcome to be present via phone during the meeting.

Can you make a 1000 Form 16 signing followed by immediate QFR at the Baylor Gym, followed by commissioning paperwork, followed by commissioning?

Thank you!

Very Respectfully,


"I've been meaning to write you! First off, thank you so much for the hard work and dedication you put into my case. From the beginning I felt you were sincere about my case and that you genuinely wanted to help me achieve justice. When I found out I was being disenrolled and would have to pay back almost $97,000 in recoupment for my ROTC scholarship, I was completely distraught and you helped me stay positive and hopeful during the process. You were open to all questions I had, you explained the process clearly, and you were completely supportive even when I thought here was little hope. Your persistence and guidance paid off and now I no longer have to pay my recoupment. I can now rest easy knowing I am not in crippling debt due to not commissioning. Thanks to you I can move on and have financial peace in the years to come. I can't thank you enough!"


"Oh my god, that's awesome! I was beginning to think I'd have to wait another 3-6 months to hear back from them.

If they sent you any paperwork would you mind scanning and sending me that over email? Not only for my records, but also for curiosity of what they said.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to be thorough and professional through all this. It's quite draining when every personal interaction with the government is them just continuously demanding and expect you to give so disproportionately. You've been a great help to make sense of all the paperwork and the legal research. My family and I couldn't be happier, you've helped turn a potentially lethal (financially and life-style wise) situation into a great blessing.

Keep me in the loop with any further developments, I'll keep an eye on my email for any rapid responses necessary. Thanks again."


I received a letter in the mail today that told me that it had been determined that my case does not warrant monetary recoupment.

If that truly is the case, I want to thank you for all you help in the matter. I have waited a long time to hear that I would not have to repay ROTC, and everything has paid off.

Thank you so much"

Defeated an AF ROTC Disenrollment Action several days prior to graduation and commissioning which allowed the Cadet to commission on schedule:

"Mr. Domek:

I was seeking military counsel through my friends, and they suggested Domek Law, LLC. They said that he was the best bet I had for getting out of of my legal troubles- and they were right. A day after contacting Mr. Domek, he returned my call and started working on my case. Through his tenacity and expert knowledge of military law he was able to win my case! Couldn't have done it without him!"

Defeated an AFROTC Disenrollment Investigation the Detachment began a month prior to client's commissioning date...client will commission on time.

"So they pushed the DI through and are letting me commission!"

Tim – First, let me offer my sincere gratitude and thanks for the Outstanding job you have done representing my daughter throughout both disenrollment attempts brought against her. These events over the past year have taken a heavy toll on her and our entire family. Personally, I have endured many sleepless nights and many bad days as well. Finally, I have spoken to my daughter about the possible future commissioning opportunities you mentioned and hope we will find success in that regard. Again, my greatest admiration for what you have done. Thank you so very much.

"The rest looks very good and I am overwhelming pleased with your work. Make any final changes you feel that are needed and mail/email me the final. Again, you are truly a remarkable person. There may not be anyone else out there that is willing to help in the fashion that you have helped me".


We received official word that the Air Force ROTC has cleared our son's record! We wish to thank you for your tireless efforts in fighting his case. You managed to stop the initial Disenrollment Investigation by the ROTC. Then, responding to the unusual "re-do" Disenrollment Investigation, your efforts were again successful. The Conditional Events that precipitated this DI were officially rescinded by the ROTC JA. Therefore, he has successfully completed 4 years of ROTC, Field Training School and was competitively selected for Pilot Training School. He will graduate this year with a Computer Engineering degree, with Minors in Math and Leadership.

Disappointingly, his mild asthma condition has caused a Medical Release from his Air Force Comission commitment.

This has been a hard fought digilent effort to set the record straight.

Many Thanks!!

Secured a Navy commission for a Naval ROTC cadet who met a Performance Review Board after graduating #1 in her ROTC detachment. Successfully argued that no valid basis existed for denying this Cadet an officer commission.

“I feel so blessed and fortunate to be where I am at, and just wanted to again say how thankful I am for your help. By my own doing, I had put myself in that situation and that cannot be changed but I can and have most definitely grown from it. If law is in my future I sincerely hope that I will be able to help someone as you have helped me.”

Dear Mr. Domek,

“I have been meaning to write you since you helped my daughter this last August and kept neglecting this important task. We had the opportunity to visit our daughter down in San Diego over Thanksgiving. I had the opportunity to see her saluted and every time she would respond with a humble "thank you". I believe her situation allowed growth in many ways and I also believe that without your help she may not have been able to fight and win. I say thank you to you from the bottom of my heart that is filled with overwhelming pride for the officer my daughter is able to be. I think we can learn from all obstacles that are set before us and learn from each so that we ourselves can rise up to be a better person, parent or mentor. I know your support and help meant so much to her and we are ever so grateful.

So a belated Thank You from us to you. A thank you for serving our daughter and for serving our great country!”

A Grateful Mother

Represented a United States Air Force Academy graduate who self-eliminated from pilot training and then was unfairly non-selected for other Air Force Specialty Code positions and separated from the Air Force. Afterwards, the Air Force sought to recoup $142,000.00 in tuition expenses for non-fulfillment of the service academy contract. Exhaustive research and careful preparation of a remission package to the Air Force Finance Service resulted in an unprecedented 100% remission of the entire debt.

“Great news Tim!!!! The Air Force has decided to grant full remission of my debt! Tremendous thanks for helping me put forth such a quality package! I cannot begin to describe the relief that this brought me, thank you Tim. If you ever find yourself in Chicago, give me a call, I owe you a celebratory drink! Also, I will be sure to tell my professors at the academy and friends at the AOG to send grads in AF legal trouble your way.”

Successfully represented an Air Force GS -12 civilian employee facing a removal action. Through extensive research and review numerous procedural errors were discovered and briefed thereby convincing command to reduce the removal action to a two week suspension.

Convinced the University of Wyoming that the two letter grades of “F” given to an ROTC cadet placed on Leave of Absence while facing a disenrollment action was unfair and denied the cadet due process. University officials agreed and removed the failing grades and replaced them with grades of “withdrawal”. This had the effect of significantly improving the cadet’s grade point average and assisted in securing a summer intern position.

Responding to an Air Force ROTC disenrollment proceeding, persuaded an Air Force ROTC Detachment that the Conditional Event calculation was incorrect leading the Detachment Commander to drop the disenrollment proceeding.

Mr Domek,

“Please accept my apologies for the delay of this email. My intent was to immediately contact you, but we wanted Anthony to be the first one to notify you of the outcome. Our family would like to thank you for representing our son. Mr. Domek you were the knight in shining armor for our family. Your calming demeanor, extensive experience and knowledge of the AFROTC process, instantly confirmed to me that we had hired the right attorney for our son. We are confident that the outcome might have been different without your expertise and wisdom. We cannot thank you enough for all you did for our son!”

Grateful Parents

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